About Us

They don’t make them like they used to. A sentiment not meant to express a fond memory, but a brutally honest statement of fact about today’s world. Sad, yet true in more and more instances these days.

Most things are not made like they used to be. Not made with the finest materials available. Not made meticulously by hand. Not made with a deep, guiding passion. Not made laboriously with time-intensive attention to detail and craftsmanship. Not made specifically with you in mind.

Today, when one finds something that is superbly designed, beautifully made, and free of compromise, it comes as quite a surprise and reminds us that the right way remains alive and well. And when we do find something being made the right way, it serves as a striking reminder to not settle and to stay true to our high standards and expectations in a time defined by compromise.

For more than 30 years Savile Row has been a leading destination for men and women with discerning taste and style. We are known for uncompromisingly dressing men and women who value quality fit and styling, and who expect unparalleled service at an exceptional value. Architects of The Wardrobe Management Solution, Savile Row is recognized as “One of America’s Top Tailors” by Town & Country magazine. The Robb Report heralds Savile Row as “One of the Leading Wardrobe Builders.” Savile Row has also been featured in Cigar Aficionado, Success Magazine and The Wall Street Journal.

Savile Row Custom Clothiers. Where things are made like they used to be – the right way, without compromise.

Meet Our Staff

David Shockley
President & Founder

David founded Savile Row over 30 years ago.  David is also the creator of The Wardrobe Management Solution which was designed to help men feel more confident, comfortable and successful with their personal appearance.



Mary Jo Heydt
Personal Custom Clothier

Mary Jo has more than 25 years’ experience in the custom clothing and luxury ready-to-wear business. Prior to rejoining Savile Row, Mary Jo worked as a clothing specialist in men’s clothing at Neiman Marcus in St. Louis. Prior to that she spent 3 years in Doylestown, PA working for Ventresca Ltd.



Mandy Genaro
Operations Manager

Mandy is responsible for running the business end of Savile Row. She process orders, manages the shipping and receiving and works with all customers. If there is a question or something to follow through with, Mandy will get the job done.


Dakota Grady
Marketing Director & Personal Custom Clothier

Dakota brings his appreciation for classic fashion and bold style choices to the team.  He is a dynamic clothier and seeks to build the confidence of his clients through their wardrobe choices.