Custom Shirts

Custom Shirts From The Finest Cottons

Custom shirts on hangers.Custom shirts folded nicely.

Experience the fit and comfort of Custom Shirts made from luxurious cottons such as Sea Island Cotton. Sea Island Cotton is known for its unsurpassed softness of cashmere and luster of silk. Sea Island Cotton is grown in the West Indies where the sun conditions are ideal for yielding some of the longest cotton fibers in the world, which in turn produces the softest most luxurious dress shirts.


Custom made dress and casual shirts offer limitless combinations of fabrics, patterns, collars, cuffs, and pockets. When you go to a department store you simply will not be able to experience every fabric in every combination like custom made clothing from Savile Row. If you are looking for a spread collar with French cuffs and a square pocket without pleats in the back, a custom clothier is your only option.


Every frame is unique and a perfectly proportioned shirt looks and feels better. Savile Row takes extensive measurements of your body to produce a perfectly fitted shirt. Savile Row will even consider the size of the watch you wear to make sure your cuffs are not too tight.


Fine fabrics and superb craftsmanship are the hallmark of a fine dress shirt. The collars and cuffs of your Savile Row custom shirt will keep their shape throughout the day and into the night. The secret is in the stitching. More stitches per inch make for a finer garment.